AWS Urns

A dataclass for building and querying AWS URNs.

AWS URNs are a standardised string format (name borrowed from Pulumi) which provide all the information required to find a resource in AWS, whereas AWS ARNs do not always provide this information.

# Format
# e.g.


>>> from cloudwanderer import AwsUrn
>>> AwsUrn.from_string('urn:aws:111111111111:eu-west-2:ec2:vpc:vpc-11111111')
AwsUrn(account_id='111111111111', region='eu-west-2', service='ec2', resource_type='vpc', resource_id='vpc-11111111')
class AwsUrn(account_id, region, service, resource_type, resource_id)

A dataclass for building and querying AWS URNs.

classmethod from_string(urn_string)

Create an AwsUrn Object from an AwsUrn string.


urn_string (str) – The string version of an AWSUrn to convert into an object.


The instantiated AWS URN.

Return type