Custom Resource Definitions

Classes for handling custom boto3 ServiceResource.

Custom resources use the boto3.resources.base.ServiceResource model to extend support to AWS resources that boto3 does not support natively. We can do this quite easily because CloudWanderer only needs a fraction of the functionality that native boto3 resources provide (i.e. the description of the resources).

class CustomResourceDefinitions(boto3_session=None, definition_path='resource_definitions')

Custom Resource Definitions.

Allows us to specify ServiceResource definitions where they are not supplied by boto3.

property definitions

Return our custom resource definitions.

resource(service_name, **kwargs)

Instantiate and return the boto3 Resource object for our custom resource definition.

  • service_name (str) – The name of the service (e.g. 'ec2')

  • kwargs – Any additional keyword aguments will be passed to the Boto3 client.

Return type


property services

Return our custom service resources.

class CustomResourceFactory(boto3_session)

Factory class for generating custom boto3 Resource objects.

load(service_name, resource_definitions=None, service_definition=None)

Load the specified resource definition dictionaries into a Resource object.

  • service_name (str) – The name of the service to load (e.g. 'ec2')

  • resource_definitions (dict) – A dict describing the resource definitions. This is the 'resources' key in each resource_definition json.

  • service_definition (dict) – A dict describing the service definition. This is the 'service' key in each resource_definition json.

Return type