What is CloudWanderer

CloudWanderer is a Python based tool which allows you to discover AWS resources and store them for later retrieval.

Use Cases

CloudWanderer makes it easy to answer questions like:

  • Is S3 bucket name one in my organisation?

  • Which roles have the AdministratorAccess policy attached?


  1. Be storage agnostic.

    The current primary storage connector is DynamoDB but can easily be replaced with other storage providers.

  2. Allow complete discovery.

    Many AWS resource discovery solutions do not support secondary attributes like EnableDnsSupport from describe_vpc_attribute().

  3. Be easily extensible.

    New AWS Services get introduced _constantly_. CloudWanderer makes it easy to keep up with the rate of change by leveraging Boto3’s Resources and allowing the definition of additional ones using Boto3’s own JSON syntax.