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A Python package which wanders across your AWS account and records your resources in DynamoDB


pip install cloudwanderer


Start a local dynamodb

$  docker run -p 8000:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local

Open up python and import and initialise CloudWanderer

>>> import logging
>>> from cloudwanderer import CloudWanderer
>>> from cloudwanderer.storage_connectors import DynamoDbConnector
>>> storage_connector = DynamoDbConnector(
...     endpoint_url='http://localhost:8000'
... )
>>> wanderer = CloudWanderer(storage_connectors=[storage_connector])
>>> logging.basicConfig(level='INFO')
>>> storage_connector.init()

Get all the resources from your AWS account and save them to your local dynamodb.

>>> wanderer.write_resources()

Get a list of VPCs back.

>>> vpcs = storage_connector.read_resources(service='ec2', resource_type='vpc')
>>> first_vpc = next(vpcs)
>>> first_vpc.urn
URN(account_id='123456789012', region='us-east-1', service='ec2', resource_type='vpc', resource_id_parts=['vpc-11111111'])

Load the full details of the resource.

>>> first_vpc.load()
>>> first_vpc.cidr_block
>>> first_vpc.instance_tenancy
>>> first_vpc.is_default