Boto3 Loaders

Boto3 Loaders.

Loaders and data classes to load custom CloudWanderer Boto3 service definitions and merge them with the boto3 provided ones. This allows cloudwanderer to extend Boto3 to support AWS resources that it does not support natively. We can do this quite easily because CloudWanderer only needs a fraction of the functionality that native Boto3 resources provide (i.e. the description of the resources).

class CustomServiceLoader(definition_path=None)

A class to load custom services.


definition_path (str) – The absolute path to the resource definition JSON folders. This must mirror the folder structure and JSON schema found in CloudWanderer/boto3.

Return type


property available_services: List[str]

Return a list of available snake_case service names.

class MergedServiceLoader(custom_service_loader=None, botocore_session=None)

A class to merge the services from a custom service loader with those of Boto3.

Return type


property boto3_available_services: List[str]

Return a list of services defined by Boto3.

property cloudwanderer_available_services: List[str]

Return a list of services defined by CloudWanderer.